Some may say we are the originators of team events in NZ having been at the forefront of the team building industry in the 1990’s! As a 100% owned and operated Kiwi business, we are committed to helping New Zealand teams be, well, better, at being a team. That’s why our events are all about your people, your team, and your business – not ours! Our events are designed to incorporate a huge dose of the “F” word (F stands for FUN by the way) without any “naff” team building stereotypes such as holding hands and singing “Kum Ba Ya”.  


We realise that booking a team event requires a leap of trust. As the organiser, your reputation is on the line and you definitely want the best event for your team. At Elevate we pride ourselves on running team events where everyone... yes, EVERYONE in your team will be buzzing! We have been running team events for over 20 years which makes us New Zealand’s most experienced provider, and with over 50,000 happy participants to date, you can rest assured that when you choose an Elevate Team Event you will not only have fun and build your sense of team, but you will also give back to the wider community through our commitment to social responsibility.


Our motto of Have Fun, Build Team, Give Back, drives our purpose as a team and a business. Our events are specifically designed to use “Fun” as the primary method of engagement, which in turn will enable your people to “Build” their sense of team through the power of play. In addition to this we are equally committed to our communities and “Giving Back” is integral so that we can play our role in creating a better world and future.

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