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Forget about hours of training, coaching, and even qualification requirements, once participants step out onto the Field in Top Teams, it’s a level playing field for everyone to enjoy! 
Here’s your chance to roll back the years and relive your dreams in Top Teams! Teams compete across a range of traditional and novelty style sporting and game based challenges with the aim to earn as many points as possible along the way.  Throw in a Joker Cards, Bonus Rounds, and of course a large dose of FUN and the competition will be red hot!

As the final whistle blows to signal the end of play, teams make their way to the results podium, where scores are tallied, winners announced, and many a good tale is told.

The Top Teams event cost starts from $1,250 ex GST

"We thoroughly enjoyed our event – it far surpassed our expectations. It was the perfect medium to bring all types of personalities from varying backgrounds together in a fun atmosphere and have everyone interact and work together as a team."
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